rwanda rukeri {@AdagioTeas review}

Fun fact this is take two of this tea picture because well the measuring spoon flipped out of the bag with a spoonful of tea on it...into the only water left on the counter...

Fun fact this is take two of this tea picture because well the measuring spoon flipped out of the bag with a spoonful of tea on it…into the only water left on the counter…

My week got away from me, as it usually does these days, but here I am with another tea review! This time I’m trying Adagio Teas rwanda rukeri. As a reminder this was one of the teas I selected for review from Adagio because frankly it sounded pretty different/awesome.

In celebration of a certain someone getting back on their not up ever hour during the night schedule I chose to make myself this. The dry leaves smell very earthy to me with a hint of fruit. But I’m not getting the scent of biscuits that I read in their description of this tea. Hey ever nose is different, right? Right! So I measured out a spoonful and added it to my mug and set the water for 212 degrees and waited. Which meant making some cinnamon raisin toast (pro tip it helps to turn the toaster oven ON), and grabbing my notebook and laptop to write this review.

Just look at those leaves!

Just look at those leaves!

Once the water was ready I went through the usual motions and set a timer for 4 minutes and let this bad boy steep. The suggested steep time is 3-5 minutes so I typically go for the middle marker on time. While waiting I dug into my toast and sorted out the photos I wanted to use for this post. Oh and wrangled a baby into his high chair and got his eats ready for dad to serve up. I then took a sniff of the steeping tea and there was the fruit again and the delicious smell of malty goodness that I’ve come to expect from a tasty Assam. But how would it taste?



While it reminds me of an Assam tea, there’s something else… Something a little rough around the edges if you will. It’s not bad either, just different. It’s certainly strong that’s for sure! Let’s put it this way. I’d bring this tea to a fight, because it’s sure to have my back!


Pumpkin Matcha/Matcha Maker {@davidstea}

Super easy to use and perfect matcha every time!

Super easy to use and perfect matcha every time!

*These items were purchased by me and not provided for by DAVIDsTEA*

I’m behind in my reviews because it has been hotter than Mordor here for the last two weeks. But finally “cooler” weather is here (yeah I consider 85 cooler) so I’ve gotten back to tea. This time it was trying out my new matcha maker and pumpkin matcha from DAVIDsTEA.

So first about the matcha maker. It’s so easy and fast, which when you have a crawling 7.5 month old is exactly what you need before he’s into the cat food or trying to get down the cat door to the cellar! Needless to say he now lives in a “gated community” in our living room! Anyway, what you do is simply add your matcha to the tumbler, fill with hot water to the fill line (heated to 165), attach the matcha maker and lid and SHAKE. The only real thing you have to remember is to release the pressure button at the top after shaking. A step you really shouldn’t forget.

Seriously it’s that easy the little ball in the lid does all the work while you shake your little heart out. I have never had a good matcha until now. Which is why I had totally given up on matcha’s until I saw said maker was on sale. When I picked up the maker I also grabbed some matcha which included their new pumpkin matcha. I wasn’t sure how it would taste I’d had some not so great flavored matcha’s in the past.

But oh my gosh this was delicious! Like no more Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s for me delicious. Mostly because it reminded me of the PSL’s at Starbucks minus the atomic orange color and who knows what else? Don’t get me wrong I’ll still have one because it’s a right of fall passage, in August. But I can save myself some green after and make up one of these anytime I want at home. I’ll call that a delicious win! If you want to try either of these for yourself head on over to their website and check it out.

More tea reviews coming later this week!

Summer Sol Ambrosia Black {@NelsonsTea}

I like the different colors on their packaging.

I like the different colors on their packaging.

I know it’s been a while since I received the teas from Nelson’s but with a baby in the house, not every morning can be for tea. No sometimes coffee is called for. But last night someone was having a party in their crib from 2am-3:30am and sadly I was invited. While I could have reached for the ease of coffee from the Keurig I chose to try this one instead. Added bonus the little was down for a nap.

The dry leaves smelled super fruity. though I’ll admit I couldn’t put my finger on what the fruit was, but I suspected strawberries, grapes, and maybe cherries a bit like the ambrosia salad my Aunt makes for most every gathering (minus the coconut). I tried it hot first because I didn’t have the time to waste adding extra steps to make it iced. Which was a good call on my part as my little guy woke up just as my tea was ready!

IMG_1668Once steeped I smelled more of the what I’m 85% sure is (white?) grape and strawberry. The taste? It’s hard to say what it tastes like. I’ll say that it doesn’t taste bad, but I can’t tell you more than it tastes fruity. Mostly due to the fact that I can’t put my finger on what fruits it actually tastes like.

But I did finish the cup, as I said it wasn’t bad, I just can’t put a finger on what fruit flavor I’m getting in the cup. Which will probably bother me the rest of the day. If you know me you know this to be true! Perhaps I should have added some of the vanilla soy creamer to see if that helped to narrow down the fruit flavor. But I didn’t, instead I poured the rest of the loose leaf I had from the sample into my Ice Tea maker and popped it in the fridge overnight.

Flash forward to this morning (smalls is asleep) and the iced tea is ready! The weird thing is the color looks like a green tea when I poured a glass (my phone is in the baby’s room and I’m not risking waking him up to get it). But I’ll tell you this it has a Fruit Loops/Fruity Pebbles taste to it when cold brewed. Which takes me back to Saturday Morning Cartoons. So maybe there’s some blueberry mixed in with the strawberry and grape I tasted before?

Either way I liked it. But I don’t think I’d keep this one in the house on a regular basis ONLY because I can’t nail down what I’m tasting. Yes, I’m weird like that I know. If you’d like to try it out have a look at their website or you can also purchase from

darjeeling puttabong summer {Review @AdagioTeas

I was contacted by Adagio Teas last week to ask if I would be interested in reviewing some of their teas. Though they do things a little differently at Adagio, they would give me credit to select the teas I wished to review! Perfect right? Wrong, there are so many teas to choose from. In fact I’ve been a customer for years, but I’ve usually stuck to their fandom blends (which are created by, you guessed it fans).

Tea time.

Tea time.

While I could have gone wild in the fandom section I opted to select form their straight teas…not an easy task, in case you were wondering. First up was darjeeling puttabong summer.

In the past I’ve had problems with darjeeling teas going super bitter, super quick. That being said I was willing to give this a go and see if I could prep it properly…as I was sure the fault with the past teas was my own and not with the tea itself.


Just look at those tea leaves!

Just look at those tea leaves!

So I found myself with some time to try this while the little took his morning nap. At first sniff the tea smells very malty, earthy scent to it, with a hint of sweetness. I love the varying color of the tea leaves. The leaves are very soft and super fragrant. Once I had the leaves out of the bag I smelled more sweetness like grapes. Needless to say I was very excited to get this steeping!

Once the leaves were steeping away I still only got the malt I had smelled with the dry leaves and none of the fruit smell I had before I steeped the tea. Which I’ll admit had me a little down. But I had hopes that when I tasted the tea it would be a whole different story. My first concern was to not oversteep the tea. The last thing I wanted was a bitter tea. I’ve never watched a clock more in my life!

Look at that lovely color!

Look at that lovely color!

I took my first sip and I wasn’t sure what to think beyond ‘It’s hot’. So I let it cool off a bit to give it a proper tasting for this review. After a few minutes I tried again and found I had a delicious cup of tea AND the fruitiness I had smelled in the dry leaves was back on the finish of the tea. I loved this as in the past with darjeeling teas I usually only had a bitter taste in my mouth. Not good.

Half way through my cup I added some soy vanilla creamer. (I like to try my teas straight and with creamer if possible) Let me tell you the creamer gave the tea a little boost of all the flavors which was a little weird with the grape flavor. Lesson learned no flavored creamer for this one! All in all this tea is one I actually enjoyed which was weird for me with a darjeeling. I’m looking forward to trying this one iced as I think it could be really yummy iced.

I think my only thing I wish was different about Adagio Teas would be their packaging. I understand that the functionality of to is easy for shipping and in their brick and mortar shops. But I just wish it was a little more “fun”. That one little thing aside I really enjoyed this tea and may have to add it to my regular rotation.

If you’d like to try this one out check out their website above.

Review ALL the Tea: @NelsonsTea @AdagioTeas @DAVIDsTEA @TEAVANA

Here’s what’s coming up on the blog as far as reviews go:

Darjeeling Puttabong Summer – Adagio Teas

Sol Ambrosia Black tea – Nelson’s Tea

Pumpkin Matcha/Matcha Maker* – Davids Tea

Pu erh Pearls – Adagio Teas

Really Root Beer – Nelson’s Tea

Glass Slipper Rooibos – Nelson’s Tea

Rwanda Rukeri – Adagio Teas

Summer Breeze (Organic) – Nelson’s Tea

Milk Oolong – Adagio Tea

Earl Grey Creme and Caramel Chai* – Teavana

I’m hoping to get these all sipped and reviewed as soon as possible. But things do tend to get tricky with a little one in the house.


*These were purchased by me for my own enjoyment and not sent from either company.

Champagne & Raspberries White Tea {@NelsonsTea Review}

Five teas to try and review!

Five teas to try and review!

Not long ago I was contacted by Nelson’s Tea to see if I would select a few teas for review both on my blog and on Amazon. Seeing as it had been quite a while since I was last asked to review I jumped at the chance. First up, thanks to those who participated in the Twitter poll is their Champagne & Raspberries White Tea. I actually finished sampling these Saturday, but due to a dying laptop I had to wait (new replacement was purchased yesterday). Plus little man is napping so I’m cashing in!

Even in the high heat of summer I always have to try a tea hot first.

Even in the high heat of summer I always have to try a tea hot first.

Now, usually I’m not a fan of White teas or rather my belly isn’t a fan. But this one was different. No problems after trying it both hot and iced. Trying it hot was up first. Yes hot tea in July…I know it’s mad right? But honestly I always try it both ways as I’ve found it can change how the tea tastes. Which was true for this particular tea.

The dry leaves smelled heavily of raspberry which I LOVED. After all raspberry screams cool and summer to me. So I set my One Touch kettle to the suggested 175 and waited. Once ready I poured and waited again. While waiting I took a few sniffs of the steeping tea and noted the strong smell of the raspberry – awesome. I wasn’t really picking up the champagne flavor yet.

I love the color.

I love the color.

Once my tea was ready I let it cool a little more so as not to burn myself (the worst) and dug in. Again the raspberry flavor jumped out at first, but there was a hint of the champagne on the finish. Which was nice and also light and crisp. I happily finished my cup and really wanted another. BUT for iced tea double the amount of tea is called for. So I wanted to make sure I had enough for that.

How lovely does that look?

How lovely does that look?



I tried this tea iced last Saturday when I had some time (and help with the babe). This time as I mentioned above I used double the amount as suggested by the packaging. I also opted to used a large pyrex measuring cup as I wanted a lot on such a hot morning. Again, I noted all the same smells as I did with the hot version. Once it was ready I poured it over a huge cup filled with ice – and added a few more cubes for good measure.

This time when I took my first sip the champagne was front and center. Though the crispness I experienced on the finish when prepared hot was still there and it was lovely. The raspberry flavor took a back seat this time which was a shame as I hoped there would have been a more even mix of the two flavors when served iced. However, I will say this was a great way to start off a very hot day.

I still have enough left to try it hot or iced again and I’m torn which to try. If I do try it iced I think I’ll add a little plain seltzer or tonic water to give it the fizz of champagne. Fun right?

If you’re interested in this tea you can find it here or you can purchase it from their website here. Thank you again for sending me the sample to try out!


*I was not paid for this honest review, only given a sample to try and review.

Did you miss me? (Take 394)

I must first apologize for being such a horrible blogger. Who knew having a baby would be so time consuming? KIDDING, I knew it would be. But I thought for sure I could post at least twice a week once he was here…apparently not. That being said I’m looking at being better now that he’s gotten a bit older and can amuse himself in short bursts.

So here’s what’s coming up…

-Review of Death Wish Coffee (yeah it’s a tea blog, but sometimes coffee is needed and spoiler alert this is some damn fine coffee).

-Review of Korean buckwheat/soba “tea” (had some at a local Korean eatery and fell in love)

-Taking tea with _____ returns! For those that don’t know this was where yours truly flexed her writing chops to “take tea” with fictional folks from books and tv. I’m getting back to it…look out!

-Tea reviews as I get samples in. I should be expecting some in the Fall for sure. But I may also review teas I purchase too because why not!

If there are other things you’d like to get my take on let me know in the comments!