Welcome to IllBeMother221b Talks Tea


As I mentioned in the about section of this blog I really wanted to get back to tea blogging again and here I am.  Here you will find all my tea and tea ware reviews from not only tea and tea products I own, but also those I am sent for review as well as some general tea talk!  There may down the line even be a podcast of some sort (if I can figure out the best way to make that happen)

As I am a Sherlockian there will be some talk of the great detective here and there and perhaps some of my other favorite fandoms (as it relates to tea).  Plus added bonus I drink A LOT fandom blend teas!  I also plan to bring back ‘Taking Tea With ____’.  This was a mix of tea review and ficlet in which I take tea with literary and tv characters.  So I hope you come back for that.

Come on in….kettle’s just boiled.