Tea delivery #DrinkMilitia

Our overnight trip was awesome and sadly I did not have any tea while I was away. Coffee was very much in order come Sunday morning after the beer/distillery tour. Sorry tea, sometimes mother needs her coffee.

Saturday's delivery!

Saturday’s delivery!

Happily I did come home to find my order from Upton Tea Imports had arrived!  In this order: Bond Street English Breakfast, Chocolate Earl Grey, Pu-erh Tuo Cha, Java BOP, and my personal favorite for Sherlockian reasons – Baker Street Afternoon (not shown). I have plans for all of these teas and some have to do with some story telling/reviewing here on the blog. Can you guess which teas might feature? Let me know in the comments. Of course I will be reviewing all of them, but some will be straight up reviews and the others I’ll have a little more fun with. Stay tuned for that.

Thursday's delivery!

Thursday’s delivery!

Thursday I received my very first order from Whispering Pines Tea Co. It will not be my last, I can tell you that much at this point. The order included: Golden Snail, Ailaoshan Black Tea, Imperial Gold Bud Dian Hong (sample), and Clari Tea. I have had a little of the Golden Snail and Clari Tea teas, but not enough to write a good review of.  What I can tell you is I will be needing more of each as they are pretty tasty! Yes, I have plans to review these too. Some in the story telling/reviewing way and other as a straight up review. Right now I’m sipping on Kensington Breakfast Blend (yup I know it’s nowhere near breakfast time) by Upton Tea Imports and it is also pretty tasty. It isn’t often I buy tea that I don’t like and when I do…I don’t buy it again. What are some of your favorite places to shop for tea? Tell me in the comments.