Mother’s new helper! #drinkmilitia

Today’s tea purchase was years in the making. Close to four years to be exact, but today was finally the day. I have finally acquired a Breville One Touch Tea Maker! These suckers are pretty pricey, which is why I had to wait for my share of the tax return money (why I never thought of this before I will never know). But my mother-in-law was good enough to bring me to our local mall so I could pick one up.

The only downside to picking it up was I had to go to Teavana to do it. I am not a fan, but that is a post for another time. Now the upside was I spent well over $100 so I got $30 off my purchase…thanks for paying the tax Teavana!

Cleaning process.

Cleaning process.

Naturally, I started unpacking the new baby as soon as I was brought back home. I had a sudden urge to drink some tea. I can’t imagine why! I followed the simple set-up/cleaning instructions and before I knew it I was almost ready to brew my first pot of tea.

While I waited I posted a few pictures to Facebook and the rest of the process. One of the funniest comments (to the picture above was “You can’t post porn on Facebook”. I won’t lie to you I chuckled at this. I would also be lying if I told you I didn’t stop watching this machine work it’s magic…I totally did like the tea nerd I am.

First tea in the brand new baby!

First tea in the brand new baby!

It was then time break the new baby in and brew the first pot of tea. This had to be the most difficult choice I have ever made when it comes to tea. I went with a straight black tea (no name yet as a review will come later). Again I watched the whole process only taking a moment to post the picture to social media.

I was in love watching the basket work and raise once the steep time had been reached. The chimes telling me my tea was ready damn near brought me to tears. The first sip was heaven, I do not know how I got through life without this kettle. I know you might be waiting for the full on review of this new gem, but that will come once I learn all about it and use every function. There’s so much this thing can do and I’m only just scratched the surface. So keep an eye out for that!

Do you have the one touch? If so what about it do you love? What do you hate? (I’ve already been warned if the jug breaks…you need to buy a new one)

Time for another cup!