5 Fandom Friday: 5 Magical Items I Would Love To Own @thenerdygirlie

I know this is a tea blog. But sometime you’ll be seeing posts like these about the geeky side of yours truly. Just go with it…I’ll be back to the tea soon enough.

This Friday’s post is all about the five magical items I would want to own. It’s a tough one. Which means I totally have a tab open about magical items from the world of Harry Potter because I cannot recall them all.

1. A Time-Turner – put it simply there are SO many times I wish I could do something again to get a different outcome. Or perhaps stop myself from doing something silly. However, time travel isn’t something to mess with so use at your own risk (at least once).

2. Floo Powder – not sure that this is really a magical item…but it would be a really quick way to travel and perhaps I could still make it to 221b Con this weekend!

3. A wand – this one is obvious. After all think of all the spells you could do with it! Plus in a pinch stir your tea! (I kid or do I? Plus you knew I had to fit tea in somehow!)

4. Invisibility Cloak – this one is a no brainer for me. Imagine the fun you could have with it!

5. Remembrall – feeling forgetful? not anymore! Sure I make a lot of lists, but this would be helpful when certain things slip through and don’t make the list.

How about it…which magical items are on your must have list? Let me know if the comments. Do check out The Nerdy Girlie for her five must have magical items.


3 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: 5 Magical Items I Would Love To Own @thenerdygirlie

  1. I’ve made wands for other people and had a really hard struggle parting with some of them …. so I think on my magical items wish list would be for two particular wands (both of them are on my blog in The Wand Department, if you want to peep). I’d love to have them to own instead of loving them like I did, yet having to part with them because they were for two other people.

    If I could have a Harry Potter item, it would be the Remembrall – because my memory is like a colander. Everything slips through the holes! (lol)

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