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Most of you know this week was my first back at work after almost two and a half months! Due to some complications from one eye surgery which meant I needed another. This of course also meant I had to miss out on 221b Con and seeing all my tea/Sherlock Holmes pals. So I finally went back this past Monday and by Friday I thought I might fall over. I am ever grateful to all the tea that got me through the week!

So when TKG asked if I wanted to go out after work Friday night I balked. I wanted an herbal tisane and my bed. But then I thought about it and figured ‘Hey I earned a night out’. So I proposed the mall, sure it’s a place I loathe “…the noise, the people…”. I typically have a plan for the mall so I can be in and out in the least amount of time possible.

I was thrilled to find the mall not at al crowded for a Friday night and TKG began I long overdue shopping trip. Old Navy was a bust, but I knew a new LUSH store was opening soon and as luck would have it that day was Friday! LUSH sells fresh, handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free bath hair, and skin care products (and more). I’ve been in love with their stuff since I visited my first LUSH in NYC. Sure some of the items are pricey, but they last forever! Also a little dab of most of their products will do you just fine.

So in we went. This is a small store, but they appear to carry all the products you would find in the larger stores. It’s probably a case of there’s more stock in the back so items can be easily re-stocked. I was sad to see they were just plain old OUT of some of their more popular items like the small container of Mask of Magnaminty! I still have a larger container, but I really think the smaller will do! TKG kept running up to me yelling “smell this, and this”. Which is only hilarious because I did the same thing in NYC.

I ended up spending a small fortune aka some of my tax return money.

So much LUSH goodness.

So much LUSH goodness.

To the left you see Dragons Egg, Honey Bee, and Avobath bath bombs, A French Kiss Bubble Bar, two Dreamtime bath melts (in square tin), Daddy-O shampoo, Seanik shampoo bar (in tin), Olive Branch bath wash (a personal favorite), Fresh Farmacy skin cleanser (where has this been all my life?), Imperialis moisturizer (I’m in love), and Aquatic Toothy Tabs.

Last night of course I had to use something(s) I bought. So I broke out Daddy-O, Olive Branch, Fresh Farmacy, and Imperialis for a lovely shower/after shower experience. I also used the Toothy Tabs. First off they have them to sample in the store. Which is great BUT they aren’t mints. These tabs are toothpaste replacements! Basically pop one in your mouth and break it up a little. Then bust out your toothbrush and got to town.

There's the flavor of earl grey tea in there!

There’s the flavor of earl grey tea in there!

You might be wondering why I’m talking about LUSH on a tea blog. I’m getting there….

That’s right folks the flavor of “Refreshing lime, seductive jasmine, AND Earl Grey”. Let me tell you I could really “taste” the earl grey while brushing my fangs last night. In fact several of their products have the scent of tea to them. But only one other product has the scent of Earl Grey – that is their Shades of Earl Grey massage bar. Which I did not pick up (oh darn I have to go back), but let’s be honest there were a lot of things I didn’t pick up.

The good news is with a LUSH so close… I’ll be able to offer some of their products as giveaway items to folks who read this blog! The bad news… I’ll need to get a job there in order to support my habit! Then again I did just make shopping for me very easy for the mister and family.

Have you been to LUSH? Ordered online? Let me know in the comments.


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