Tea Delivery Day! #drinkmilitia #teamafia

Then again, let’s be honest, WHEN is it NOT tea delivery day at my house? I can tell you one thing…it won’t be delivery day again for quite some time after my most recent deliveries. I may have gone a little overboard.

I can quit when I want!

I can quit when I want!

You know you might have a problem when your husband say’s “they’re ALL for you, why are they all for you”. What can I say? I like my tea! Then again it isn’t all tea, some of it is tea ware fun for me and the lucky winner of prize number two on my everyday blog Gal In the Grey Hat. KJ won himself a cool tea infuser as well asĀ some free teas!

As to what’s in the boxes? Two are from Adagio Teas (mostly iced teas now that warmer weather is here). That Amazon box has some spiffy tea infusers in it. I would show you right now, but that would spoil the surprise to the giveaway winner (but I’ll show mine off soon)! Finally, the top package is from Tealated…which I THINK contains samples. I say think because as you can see I ordered A LOT of stuff last week. *Couugh* I mean, someone ordered a lot of tea stuff for me, yeah that’s the ticket! Somehow I don’t think the mister would believe me. Do you?

Stay tuned this week to see what’s in those boxes. I promise to show off the items staying at my house. All I have to say is…I think I’m going to need a bigger tea cabinet!

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