Tea Delivery Day Goodies!


Umbrella tea infuser, iced tea sampler, and Mr. TEA infuser.

The other day (if you recall) I received some boxes. Well, I figured this rainy night would be the perfect time to share what I received from Adagio Teas and Amazon.

Warmer weather is coming and that typically means iced tea is in order. Don’t get me wrong I WILL still drink hot tea when the weather gets a little too warm. But I also love chugging iced tea. So I selected a sampler pack from Adagio Teas containing 2 pouches each of Ceylon Sonata, Pu-Erh Hazelberry, and Mango iced teas. I’ll be reviewing these when the weather gets a bit warmer…not to worry!

I also picked up a few more fun tea infusers. The first is an umbrella tea infuser (which I’ve heard doesn’t work well, but we’ll see) because hello Mycroft Holmes is my spirit animal. Plus it hangs on your tea mug and looks easy to fish out of said mug when your tea is ready. The second is Mr. TEA who literally hangs out on your tea cup! Fun right? Well, we shall certainly see very soon! Seriously, I’ll be doing an infuser review very soon, so stay tuned for that.

What do you use to steep your tea? T-Sacs, fun infusers? As always let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Tea Delivery Day Goodies!

  1. jenrjones76 says:

    I ordered some more of those Natural Tea Bags, I’ll send you some when I get them so you can try them out 🙂

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