A little sip down memory lane {Throwback Thursday}

When I was just a wee one I had two tea sets. When I saw I was a wee one I mean it….

Me and my Nonnie....Christmas 1982?

Me and my Nonnie….Christmas 1982?

I was cute. I was also four-ish at the time. But it was around this time that I recall getting my tea sets. I’m pretty sure I only ever had water in them. I mean they were tiny and really hard to clean. Something I’m pretty sure my mom did not want to tackle. But I do recall one set was for “every day” use in my little kitchen set-up in the playroom. While the other was for “special” events. I’m guessing this meant I broke them out on holidays to have “tea” with family.

I thought these two sets were lost forever in the many moves I and my parents had done over the years. So imagine my surprise when my mother brought them over when we moved into our house a few years ago. I was so happy to see them. How happy? Well, I gushed for a half an hour and then promptly put them on a basement shelf next to the china set I requested when I got married. Real nice right?

But hear me out? I don’t have wee ones yet. Sadly the niece is not interested in tea at all. Yeah it pains me too, but I’m working on her. So I didn’t see a reason WHY they couldn’t live in the basement. The good news is we’ll be getting my grandparents dining room set later this Spring so perhaps I’ll take them out and display them there?

Here they are in all their dusty glory…

The "fancy" set.

The “fancy” set.

The "every day" set.

The “every day” set.

Mind you there have been times I’ve considered breaking them out. Much like when you really feel the need to color in a coloring book. Ah simple times.

Did you have a play set for tea when you were small? Let me know in the comments!


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