You had one job! {Tea Ware Review} #drinkmilitia

I love things that are a little funky, a little out there when it comes to tea ware. After all if you come have tea at my house you just might take that tea from a TARDIS tea pot. So being the lover of BBC Sherlock’s Mycroft that I am. You know I had to have an umbrella tea infuser, right? Right!

Fitting right?

Fitting right?

So last night pre-LUSH bath/shower (FYI Shower Tea is a thing pass it on) I figured why not try it out? So I did. First complaint no matter how hard I scrubbed that thing with soap and brand new sponge it still smelled a little too much like rubber. Which was not something I wanted to make tea with thank you very much!

I figured the proper way to break in the new infuser was to brew up some Mycroft tea (an Adagio fandom blend by the lovely Cara M.) and of course use my “Bee” mug! I found taking apart the infuser easy as cake and pretty easy to fill and put back together again. But my trouble came when it was time to pour the water over the umbrella. You see when I did there was an awful lot of leaf that ended up in my cup and in almost every sip…bit not good that.

Good news I could probably read my tea leaves when I'm done...

Good news I could probably read my tea leaves when I’m done…

I was a little grossed out. Upside my tea did taste fine. It seems you really need to use bigger tea leaves. So herbal tisanes and rooibos teas are OUT when using this bad boy. I plan to try it out with a few black teas at some point in the very near future. For that review odds are you should keep an eye out on the Facebook page or Twitter for that one. As I doubt it will be worth writing up a whole post.

As for the clean up. I found it to be pretty easy to clean this out. Plus, much like Mr. TEA, you can gently flip the umbrella bit inside out to clean it it properly. Oh and if you happen to be attending GridlockDC this summer….I may just have one on hand as a giveaway. Stay tuned!


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