When a cold comes calling…

…my taste buds head for the hills. I was worried this might happen when I first started this blog. It’s a tea drinker’s worst nightmare…a cold. In all honesty I didn’t think I would get one until maybe the Fall. But oh no it started last night with a little sniffle and the hint of a cough. By this morning it was official…I had a Spring cold plus my allergies finally joined the party!

What does this mean for posts this week? Well, I won’t be reviewing anything new. That isn’t fair to the tea or to the company I bought/received the tea from. Hell it isn’t fair to me either. I had plans!! That being said there may only be three posts this week depending how I feel and depending on how quickly I kick this cold. No joke I had a Spring cold last me almost two months once!

This is not something I want to repeat. So this week I’ll be talking about herbals or as others might call them tisanes. Don’t be confused by those who call these herbal teas. They are NOT tea, in fact there isn’t any tea in them at all. Hence the name tisane. I’ll also be drinking a lot of rooibos (which while called tea is still technically a tisane) through the rest of this cold/allergy things. Let’s face it adding caffeine to this mess is not a great idea past 9am.

Sure I still need a little morning boost, so I’m sticking with teas that I consider my “every day drinkers”. These are teas I’ve had so many times that it doesn’t pain me to “waste” them on a cold or allergies. Stay tuned and hopefully this is short lived. I’ve got tea to drink!


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