My sick survival “kit”

So if you read the last post you know I’m a but under the weather in the worst way for a tea drinker/reviewer…I have a cold. So besides feeding it with all the tea, cold water, and oj what else do I do to feel better fast?

A classic!

A classic!

I usually grab a favorite read and dig in. In this case that read is the Complete Sherlock Holmes. Are you really surprised. It is hands down my go to read (even if I have a huge tbr pile to get through). These stories are awesome, plus they keep my brain working when all I really want to do is snooze the hours after work away!

Now the bad news is I still recall how a great many of these end…so the trick is finding those stories that weren’t a favorite when I read through them in my first go around. These include The Adventure of the Yellow Face, The Adventure of Black Peter, and The Adventure of the Red Circle. Apologies if these rank among your top favorites, but they just weren’t for me. I wish I could tell you why, but I simple can’t. So I’ll dig into these as I like to stay off the computer as much as possible.

This man means serious business! (Source: internets)

This man means serious business! (Source: internets)

I also like to catch up on my Netflix watch list. Right now that involves working my way through their original series Daredevil! Let me tell you the movie of the same name was NOT my cup of tea at all. However, this show had me from episode one! I just haven’t been on a huge BINGE ALL THE EPISODES kick like I was when I was out of work. I truly must be ill! Also on the list is Sherlock Holmes and Dinos. Plus season 5 of Law and Order is on it’s way to me as I type this…hello Jack McCoy. Possibly my favorite ADA right there.

Of course I also resort to my favorite herbal soothers (in this case tisanes). So this week I’ll enjoy (as much as I can) tisanes that have brought me comfort when I’ve been ill over the years. Which means bagged tisanes. Yeah I know bagged = bad. But in this case I can’t really taste it so is it really that bad? These are mostly herbals from Bigelow and Celestial Seasonings. Why you ask? Well, it’s what my mom and grandma would give me when I didn’t feel well, so it’s like having them here to take care of me.

What’s in your “kit” when you find yourself under the weather? Let me know!


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