Ask IllBeMother221b: Can you suggest any good caffeine free tisanes?

Why yes, yes I can. Usually I’m a caffeine junkie when it comes to tea. But I do like to switch over to herbal tisanes or caffeine free teas after noon. I’ve found if I don’t it can mess with my ability to get to sleep hours later. Two of my favorites are rooibos and honeybush “teas”. Both are listed as teas, but in reality they’re both what’s called a tisane. At least that’s what I think of them as. Some personal favorites include:

  • Rooibos Chai from Harney and Sons – great flavor of chai with none of the caffeine!
  • Pumpkin Spice also from Harney and Sons – great taste of fall in each cup. Liquid pumpkin pie anyone?
  • Honeybush Vanilla from Adagio Teas – reminds me of a warm sugar cookie you can drink!
  • Nut Crunch Honeybush from The Whistling Kettle – when I first heard of this one I thought how good can it be? Well, let’s put it this way I have a pouch and a half of it in my tea cabinet. I drink it straight (sweet and nutty), but I also have blended it with some of my favorite black teas to create different flavors.

I recently placed an order for three rooibos/honeybush teas from Upton Tea Imports. I’ll be sure to post about them when they arrive later this week!

What about herbal tisanes? There are some tasty tisanes out there I enjoy. But I don’t have that many in my tea cabinet at the moment. What I do have are these two…which have become must have herbals in my cabinet:

  • Organic Peppermint from Harney and Sons – perfect to tame an tummy after dinner or anytime you feel the need to relax after a tough day (or while in the middle said tough day).
  • Berry Blast from Adagio Teas – super fruity tea that has a bit of a tart finish to it.

Those are just a few I have in stock in my own tea cabinet. But there are MANY others out there. Do you have any favorite tisanes? Let me know in the comments. If you you have a question you want me to answer (relating to tea) ask in the comments or on Facebook, or Twitter!


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