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Two sizable boxes from Harney and Sons & Upton Tea.

Two sizable boxes from Harney and Sons & Upton Tea.

I swear it’s just a happy accident that my tea delivery days happen to fall on Wednesday! But I’m glad it did, as this Wednesday was a particularly rough one at the day gig. That’s all I’ll say about that. But I was very happy to come home to find the boxes sitting on my front porch waiting for me to dig into them. To be honest I forgot what one of them might contain…yes, that’s a thing that can in fact happen.

I'm calling this the decaf order of awesome!

I’m calling this the decaf order of awesome!

I first opened the smaller of the two boxes which was from Upton Tea Imports. This is one of my favorite companies because they ship pretty fast and have fantastic customer service! Plus they’ll put whatever you want on the tea you order. I went simple this time with “IllBeMother221b’s Tea”. I picked up a huge bag of Honeybush Vanilla (great for mixing with other teas or perfect for an evening cuppa.

I also picked up a few rooibos samples: Rooibos Earl Grey and Rooibos Rote Grutze (sadly I see on Steepster this one is not so popular, but we’ll see). I also picked up a decaf Blackcurrant tea, C. T. C. (Crush, Tear, Curl) Assam and Sticky Rice Pu-erh Tuo Cha! I really cannot wait to get to sipping on some of these teas.

I might have a problem...

I might have a problem…

Next up I cracked into the Harney and Sons box. Again H&S is a favorite because I’ve met the family behind the tea several times and they were and are some really great tea folks. Plus they have some of the best customer service around!

From the top I picked up two tea cups that match a tea pot I purchased a few years back. You can NEVER have enough tea cups, no matter what your husband tells you. I also picked up a fancy tea strainer because it reminded me of the one on Sherlock (yes from tea time with Moriarty and no I’m not at all sorry).

I had to purchase the bamboo coasters with bees on them. Why? Hello BEES! Also it’s another little nod to Sherlock Holmes and my headcanon that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson retire to Sussex together at the end of their days to raise bees. Plus every purchase supports keeping bees around. Yay! I picked up some samples of Midsummer Peach, a personal favorite of mine and also decaf. So perfect for nightly sips. Added bonus samples were sent too: Rooibos Chai, Sencha Green, and Organic English Breakfast.

Not a bad end to a not so great day now was it! The only “problem” I have now is what to drink first?


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