Time to clean out the tea cabinet #teamafia #drinkmilitia

Spring has sprung (I hope) and that means it’s time to go through the tea cabinet and do a clean out. I’m afraid some of the teas I have in there have gone past their prime. It happens when you have close to 65 teas! Which is why it’s time to sadly say goodbye to a few of them.

I usually try to clear out the cabinet every six months. This involves checking to see how long I’ve had a tea. Over a year…it’s time to go. I also use the smell test. If it doesn’t smell anything like what it should again it’s time to go bye bye.

I ended up saying bye bye to a few Adagio samples…which really were past their prime. Lesson learned…NO MORE TEA UNTIL I DRINK HALF OF WHAT I HAVE! Of course the trick will be keeping to that!

How long do you keep your teas? Do you keep some longer than others? Let me know!


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