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I’ve decided to keep these fandom Friday posts here on the tea blog, because why not, right? This week’s post is all about you 5 favorite fictional Moms after all Mother’s Day is Sunday.

5. Rosemary (Rosemary’s Baby)

Listen it takes a lot of guts to want to raise the son of Satan ok?

4. Sophia Petrillo (Golden Girls)

The mother with all the comebacks! She always had something to say, even if Dorothy and company didn’t want to hear it. Plus she was pretty independent and wasn’t worried whenever Dorothy would toss out “Shady Pines ma, Shady Pines!”

3. Dowager Countess (Downton Abbey)

She is SO full of sass. Plus she has no problem putting anyone in their place and deep down, you know she means well. Maybe. I mean really she’s one of the few reasons I even want to keep up with Downton. Honestly the Dowager Countess makes this show for me.

2. Molly Weasley (Harry Potter)

Let’s face it the line “Not my daughter you b*tch!” was pretty amazing. But I have to give it to Mrs. W. for raising all of those Weasley kids (I’m thinking mostly of Fred and George here). That and putting up with all the Muggle gadgets Mr. W. must have brought home over the years.

1. Lily Potter (Harry Potter)

Her death was a sacrifice made of pure love for her son. Plus added bonus sacrificing herself left Harry with a very powerful love charm that saved his skin several times during the series.

In case you haven’t guessed if I could, I would love to sit down and have tea with each and every one of these mothers!

(Source: designurge.com)

(Source: designurge.com)


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