#5FandomFriday 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows (@thenerdygirlie)

Well, I certainly am the queen of the Netflix binge… But picking just five binge worthy shows is going to be tough!

5. Hannibal

Based on the books, this one is not for everyone. Sure it can be gross (I’m putting it mildly here…b/c it is SUPER gross sometimes). But I can easily spend the day watching the good doctor and Will dance around one another. Double bonus? Somehow I manage to eat while watching this one, I don’t understand it either.

4. The Blacklist

Raymond Reddington…need I say more? Fine I will. He’s the “Concierge of Crime” – want something done Red’s your guy, he’s also not afraid to do the dirty work himself when needed. Honestly, he is so bad you just have to love him. Plus the man has some serious follow through. If he says he’s going to shoot you..well that was your warning.

3. The Fall

So good!

So good!

I did not want to like this police drama, nor did I want to binge it. It was a little too real if you follow me. BUT from the moment Gillian Anderson appeared on the screen I had to inform Netflix I was in fact still watching!

2. Ripper Street

Set during the time of the Ripper murders this one follows the DI of Whitechapel and his men as they try to keep the citizens of their district safe from all manner of crimes. There are some odd cameo’s from historic folks like Joseph Merrick, but I’ll let it slide because the show is that good! Plus Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn make me happy.

1. Sherlock

These two....

These two….

The world’s only consulting detective gets a reboot set in the present day where Sherlock solves crimes and John Watson blogs about it. Oh and sometimes Sherlock forgets his pants. I can easily binge the nine episodes in one weekend. Should I no. But what other choice do I have until the Christmas Special and Season 4 are released? Go outside you say? What’s that?

So what TV shows could you easily binge for hours?


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