2015 Chota Tingrai Classic Spring Assam #SteepsterSelect #TeaMafia

I know it’s been an age since my last non scheduled post. To be honest nothing hit me in the face as something I just had to write about. It happens. Plus the weather has been so weird here I honestly haven’t been drinking a whole lot of tea. Or when I did it went cold because I got so busy doing something else I *gasp* forgot about it!

So what changed that? Well, my May Steepster Select Box turned up Thursday in the mail! I have to say I was super nervous that it would be a set type of tea each month. Especially after my first box turned out to be ALL green teas. As you may have gathered I’m not a big green tea fan! But to my surprise and delight this month the box contained three different types of tea:

  • 2015 Chota Tingrai Classic Spring Assam Black from Tea Box
  • 2015 Runglee Rungliot Classic Spring Darjeeling Chinary Black from Tea Box
  • 2015 Upper Namring Exotic Spring Darjeeling Green from Tea Box
  • Yame Shincha 2015 from Steepster
  • 2015 Golden Buddha Oolong from Steepster
I really love the simple packaging of these teas.

I really love the simple packaging of these teas.

Needless to say I am super excited about the selection. Yes even with the green teas offered up this month! My favorite tea type is Assam black teas. I don’t know why, but they are. So naturally this had to be the first one I tried out!

This tea is from Assam, India and was provided by Tea Box. While I’ve never heard of this company…spoiler alert I may have to check them out and purchase this one for the cabinet as a go to tea.  Right back to it then. Opening the package I was hit with the yummy smell of malt. I LOVE the smell of malt in a black tea…this usually means I will love the tea I’m about to enjoy.I think it has to do with he fact that I can’t have beer due to the whole gluten free diet. Which means any chance of a beer smelling beverage equals sort of having a beer!

I'd show you a picture of the steeped tea...but I drank it all...

I’d show you a picture of the steeped tea…but I drank it all…

I let this tea steep for the suggested five minutes. Which I first thought was a bit much. Typically I steep my back teas from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes. But let me tell you waiting five minutes produced a pretty tasty cup of tea. There was so much malty goodness in the first few sips of this tea. and the aroma is to die for with hints of honey and fruit! It’s a good thing you get two steeps out of this one as I think I’m going to need another pot!

What’s in your cup this morning? Let me know in the comments!


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