#5FandomFriday My five wildest (maybe) theories about Sherlock Season 4

This week’s #5FandomFriday is actually about comic book characters you think deserve their own movie. But I’ve never been really big into comic books. *gasp* I know. So instead I choose to share my theories about what I think might happen in Season 4 of Sherlock.

Let's begin, shall we?

Let’s begin, shall we?

5. We find out Janine is Jim Moriarty’s sister – Why it’s possible besides the Irish accents? Why not, really anything is apparently possible with this show. So wouldn’t it be a kicker if “sweet” Janine turned out to be not so sweet. After all she was CAM’s PA and whose to say big brother didn’t have a hand in getting her the gig?

4. Greg and Molly FINALLY become a thing – these two have been tap dancing around one another since at least A Scandal in Belgravia at the Christmas party at 221B. Plus Greg’s comment on her engagement “So it’s serious then?” Which is why I think he was miserable at the wedding…just a thought. It’s really time don’t you think? Plus how freaking cute are they??

3. We find out what happened to “the other one” – If you recall at the end of His Last Vow Mycroft said “I’m not accustomed to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one.” Why no Mycroft we don’t do tell won’t you? Do I have an idea of who it might be? No, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t Moriarty, but I’ve been wrong before. I think if that’s the route TPTB went the shark would be beyond jumped.

2. John isn’t the father of baby girl Watson – there I said it. Hate me for it and that’s fine. After all this is just my thought here. But think about it…how the heck are they going to have a show with John running around with Sherlock with a baby strapped to his chest? I mean my bets are that the baby is actually David’s…he is pretty chummy with Mary after all…

1. There never was any baby – I know what you might be thinking…but she was obviously pregnant and there was a scan! Let me take you back to The Great Game (TGG) for a moment. Do you remember the line “Dear Jim, please will you fix it for me…” Yeah, well what if Mary called up her old boss (oh yeah I think that’s a thing too…who do you think had their sights set on John at the pool?) and said “Dear Jim, please will you help me fake a pregnancy?” Hey it could happy people. He’s Jim Moriarty, I’m pretty sure he could make anything possible.

Now do I actually think ANY of these will come true? Doubtful. But hey a girl can dream right?


8 thoughts on “#5FandomFriday My five wildest (maybe) theories about Sherlock Season 4

  1. jenrjones76 says:

    As we talked about last night, I definitely think they’ll go Occam’s Razor at this point, and take the “not his” route rather than the “fake pregnancy” route. She’d have to be some piece of work to convincingly fake pregnancy symptoms just to get Sherlock to notice the pregnancy at the wedding. That’s some next-level sociopathic shit right there. Plus, they went to an awful lot of trouble to show us David, to demonstrate his continuing interest in Mary, and to liken him to John in appearance and dress. And what do we say about coincidences, hmmm?

  2. I’m almost certain Mary will die and, well-conceived as the character is, I’ll be pretty relieved. Much as I like her, I haven’t quite forgiven her for His Last Vow.

      • I’m not sure about him…if it is him. I mean it could be a new villain (see my Janine theory – think she might be the sub for Jim’s brother in the books) just messing with Sherlock’s head. Or it could very well be the man himself. Do you have any thoughts?

      • Honestly? I think it is him, just because I don’t think they’d set it up like this and then not have it be him- it’d feel anticlimatic, I think. There’s more Moriarty material in Doyle’s canon than they’ve used so far, so I think they could actually have him be back.
        The one thing I’m *really pretty sure* of is that Mary is gone die.
        Question- do you ship Johnlock?

      • To answer your question…oh yes, yes I do! Do you?

        I think you might be right about Moriarty being Moriarty. There is more to cover and they really only touched on the tip of the iceberg here. So let’s hope! Shame we have to wait so long to find out!

      • God, I know. There’s the special at Christmas, but s4 isn’t going to air until… ugh… 2016?
        I’m kind of a reluctant Johnlock shipper… as in, I didn’t to start with but then I watched The Sign Of Three.

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