“End of Baker Street, there’s a good Chinese stays open ’till 2″*

*From A Study in Pink

Today’s the day, the house is as clean as it’s going to get, and my best friend arrives tonight. I was trying to think of dinner options upon her later evening arrival when I hit upon Chinese food. Why yes, I did have it last week. But this is a special occasion THE BEST FRIEND IS IN TOWN. Mind you my husband will pout and say “I thought I was your best friend” and he is. But a girl’s gotta have her gal best friend too. And back to the Chinese food it’s quick and delicious and is in fact open ’till 2, thought I think she’ll arrive before then!

So you might be wondering what we’ll get up to while she’s in town? Trouble of the Sherlockian variety for sure! But there will also be TEA! All the tea. We will be drinking the Capital Region DRY. Not really, but we’ll do our part to make it so. I’ll be taking her to my favorite spot for lunch, The Whistling Kettle (Troy location) for their take on afternoon tea. I’m sure we’ll want to shop while we’re there too. They have quite the selection.

I suppose we’ll also happily wander around downtown Troy either before or after eats. It’s a charming town. Not as interesting as where she took me while I visited, but it’s something to see. But mostly we’ll be catching up since last we saw one another when I visited in November. Of course we’ll also be talking and watching all manner of Sherlock Holmes. Because THAT”S WHAT WE DO! In short it promises to be an awesome weekend and I cannot wait to get it started.

Maybe I should get a nap in now?


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  1. jenrjones76 says:

    Yaay! And the Chinese was quite tasty last night. Looking forward to our travels today!

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