It’s been an age – with added tea review!

Yes, I know I haven’t posted to the blog since Father’s Day…well, two days before actually. But I’ve been very busy. I work a full-time job, have TWO other things I’m also working on. My personal blog Gal In The Grey Hat which also hasn’t seen much posting in an age. Plus I just started a local Sherlock Holmes Society in the Albany NY area The Avenging Winters of Albany (join us won’t you?), so named for Kitty Winter in the ACD Sherlock Holmes story The Adventure of the Illustrious Client. Look it up it’s a good one.

So I’ve been stretching myself a little thin. Plus it has been hot in these parts so hot that I don’t want hot tea. Nor do I wish to make hot tea to then turn into iced tea. It’s serious folks.

Which brings me to today. What’s today you ask? Well, besides the birthday of these United States…it also happens to be raining. If you know me well enough me, rain , and hot tea go together like peas and carrots. As luck would have it three new fandom blends arrived yesterday from Adagio Teas! I know I said I was on a tea buying ban. But my friend Bran makes some damn fine tea blends!

So three of his fandom blends just magically were *added* to my cart. These blends are based on the Doyle stories, while his other blends focused on the BBC Sherlock show. I purchased: 221Bee Tea, Turkish Slipper, and Wandering Bullet. Interesting names right? Like I said Bran is full of talent in the blending, art for the tea, and the naming.

A nice big mug to warm me up on a chilly July morning.

A nice big mug to warm me up on a chilly July morning.

This morning I dipped into Wandering Bullet. You might be wondering what the heck Wandering Bullet has to do with Sherlock Holmes stories. I’d have to tell you that you had seen but you did not observe. See in the stories/novels Watson’t war wound moves around a few times, first in the shoulder, then to the leg….basically even Doyle didn’t recall where he’d put it after A Study in Scarlet. Nice right? Anywho I think it’s a clever take and the tea, well the tea is in a word fantastic!

This tea blends together: Chocolate Chai, Pu erh Spice, and Lapsang Souchong for a very delightful cup of tea. Allow me to share the description from Adagio’s website:

Simmering Chocolate Chai and complex Spiced Pu Erh are tinted with the subtle gunsmoke of Lapsang Souchong, deepened with chocolate chips, and punctuated by both cinnamon and red peppercorns. It’s a dark blend with a rich, multilayered bite.

I’ll be honest at first I didn’t think all of these flavors would play nice with one another. Which is why I only purchased a sample tin (which I will add is a great way o try blends you aren’t sure of). The dry leaves smell strongly of the Lapsang with hints of chai spice and earth. So I was a little concerned that there wouldn’t be the advertised “multilayered bite”. Well, color me wrong tea lovers. Each sip comes with a bite of each flavor in the tin. I note them in the order I listed the ingredients above and they are brilliant! Side note I added some cream and vanilla sugar for a little extra kick and well it’s damn fine.

Too long, didn’t read? Add this one to your cart today!