Oh baby!

If you keep up with me on Twitter (where I post a whole lot more) you know I announced some pretty exciting news! Which also explains why my tea related posts have been so scattered for the last three months. Being limited to 200mg of caffeine is a bit of a killer for a tea drinker like me, BUT so worth it come December or maybe January.

Sure I could drink Rooibos an Decaf teas, but to be honest they aren’t the same people! At least not to me. But I’ve still been enjoying my one or two cups of caffeine filled teas a day. Because it wouldn’t be starting the day right if I didn’t! At least I don’t think it would. Before you ask there won’t be posts specifically about the pregnancy here. Unless I’m reviewing a pregnancy tea (which I’m willing to do within reason).

Know this we’re happy and healthy and enjoying every moment of this wild journey. I’ll be trying to update the blog, Facebook, and Twitter as much as possible over the next 5 or 6 months and beyond. But now you know why I may be sparse on posts over these next few months. Happy sipping folks!