@52Teas Delivery!

A few months back I backed a Kickstarter to help out a fellow tea lover and her daughter take over 52 Teas. Let me back up a bit. As you might be wondering what the heck 52 Teas IS. Well, the short version is that 52 Teas blends a new tea a week. Simple right? Right and delicious!

I haven’t purchased any of their new blends since the online shop re-opened under new ownership. But I did back them in order to get two of my favorite re-blends: Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish Honeybush and Pancake Breakfast Black Tea.

That is the face of one happy tea loving lady.

That is the face of one happy tea loving lady.

I did try the honeybush tea yesterday, but it was at work so it wasn’t the best water temp or conditions. But I will say this people thought I had made raspberry cream cheese danish and were looking in the kitchen for said treat. Weren’t they surprised when I told them it was tea!

I will say a more formal review is coming once I can make myself a cup this weekend!