Follow that car*

I spent this morning at at Sherlockian brunch and presentation event and as luck would have it one of my friends I haven’t seen in a year was in attendance. Actually I believe we met almost a year to the day! So naturally we ended up making an afternoon of it. Which of course meant a trip for tea to the Whistling Kettle in Troy. Please note this also ended in us getting horribly lost between Albany and Troy (it’s possible when you spend more time talking and less watching the road signs)!

But we made it to our destination and we were shown to a booth right away. With our orders placed we got down to the very real business of catching up. After all it had been a year since we last saw one another face to face. Yes there have been tweets and the like, but nothing beats face to face communication! The only thing I can tell you we did talk about where of course my little Sprout and of course Sherlock Holmes, but there was more, but that’s between us.

I will say it was long overdue and as always a very real treat to get together and chat. Many thanks my friend for a lovely afternoon and lift home.

*I had to say it here as I didn’t when I had the chance while we were driving back to my place.