These are a few of my favorite (decaf) teas

You may or may not know this, but technically pregnant momma’s are only allowed 200mg of caffeine a day. Which for someone like me who would drink 5-7 cups of tea a day is painful. So much so that I think between the heat and my new limit on caffeine I just stopped drinking it all together. But I’m making an effort to have one caffeine filled tea a day. After all cooler weather is coming and with it comes all the tea.

So you may be wondering what I do after I’ve had that one cup of caffeine filled tea or the cherry pepsi I’ve been craving? I turn to my decaf teas. There are a few I really like:

There are more, but these are the four I have on hand at the moment. In fact I also enjoy a good rooibos or honeybush too. My doc tells me these are safe to drink while pregnant. But he’s asked me to shy away from straight up herbal teas as certain herbs can cause problems in pregnancy. This is just my ob’s opinion, PLEASE consult your own ob before drinking any tea while pregnant. As far as rooibos and honeybush teas go these are my current favorites:

Yeah, all two of them. What can I say I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my teas and tisanes. Hey drink what you like people. Drink what you like. Though I do have some samples to try out from one or two tea companies in the near future. I’m told these teas are “great for pregnant momma’s” but we’ll see what they are and if this is true.

That being said I’m always willing to try most any tea any company would like to send my way for an honest review. Just please nothing with coconut as I am HIGHLY allergic. If you want to get in touch send me a message via the Facebook Page.

Happy sipping.