Why yes, yes I am having a cup of tea! @whistlingkettle

Yes I know it’s been at least a few weeks since my last post. But let me tell you growing a person is not easy! But that’s a post for a different blog all together (Gal in the Grey Hat). Plus it has been SO hot here the last few weeks I honestly have not wanted a cup of tea hot or iced. Weird right? Hey it happens to the best of us.

But this morning it seems the weather is hanging on to a lovely cool somewhere in the 60’s and I opted to turn on the electric kettle of awesome to brew up a cuppa. There are down sides to making a ot cup of caffeine filled tea…no more caffeine for the rest of the day. But not to worry I have a stock of decaf and safe for momma herbal tisanes for later. You know if the mood strikes.

Which I have to say I think it will seeing as I have a cold brew experiment currently brewing in the fridge. I’ve had some sample size packages of Midsummer’s Peach from Harney and Sons Fine Teas. Which is a decaf black tea with the yummy addition of peaches. This is one of my favorite of their decaf blends. Another is Vanilla Comoro – another super delish vanilla tea. Now that I think about it I should have added some to the peach tea…oh well another experiment for another time!

Anyway, this morning I’m sipping on a Cinnamon Roll black tea from the Whistling Kettle, a local tea place you may have heard me mention on the blog several times. This is a blend that I believe (if memory serves, and I will tell you my memory is questionable these days…thanks kid) Kevin, owner of WK developed this past winter. I will tell you it does in fact taste like a cinnamon roll. Which for me is mighty awesome seeing as I can’t eat them unless they happen to be of the gluten free variety (I’ve yet to find a good one).

The only down side to this mornings tea is this…our half & half was way past it’s prime. Thankfully I had the smarts to sniff before pouring it into my tea. Let’s just say at least we had milk which I know is the way tea is supposed to be made, but not my preferred method. The other down side I may have mentioned is this is the only cuppa I can have of “the good stuff”. Which pains me as it is a really yummy cup of tea.

What are you sipping on this Sunday?