Of Tea and Generals

The hubs and I were in Gettysburg and Hershey, PA this past week for a much needed vacation. I noticed something very important while we were in Gettysburg…there weren’t any tea shops. Of if there were I didn’t see/couldn’t find them.  So I have to say Gettysburg you are missing out on quite the opportunity to cash in on tea!

Seriously, here you have this famous battle and all these Generals and the like and no teas named after them? If I could get the mister to move there I would open a shop with teas blended and named for all the folks and battles there. Think of how great it could be? Pickett’s Charge Breakfast Blend, Longstreet’s Lapsang, Gettysburg Battle Blend, and I’m sure I could come up with more if given the time.

I feel like I should make up some of these anyway and see what comes of it…

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

The possibilities are ENDLESS.