Carry Travel Mug from @DAVIDsTEA {Review}

Yep, I know how long it’s been since I’ve bothered to post. Funny thing about growing a person…your caffeine intake gets knocked down to not nearly enough when you happen to drink as much tea as I did pre-pregnancy. But in just 21 days (yikes) I can start upping my tea intake again…at least the OB tells me I can and of course the little one when he arrives.

The full DAVIDsTEA purchase.

The full DAVIDsTEA purchase. Two travel mugs, the winter collection, the caffeine free collection, and three free samples.

But not being able to drink caffeine filled yummy tea didn’t stop me from hitting the sale DAVIDsTEA was having on Black Friday. There was a two for $50 deal on travel mugs. NOT that I NEEDED more travel tea mugs, but you know how that goes… The tough choice was trying to figure out which ones I wanted. Forget what I needed them for. Like I said I have a few travel mugs as it is. Then I found two I liked and also found I liked what they both had to offer travel-wise and infuser-wide too!

As you can see from the photo above I went with a solid pink travel mug as well as the carry travel mug. The carry travel mug I decided upon arrival would be my go to for going to work. the handle makes it VERY easy to carry and the face that there’s no¬†opening means no spilling if I want to throw it into a bag! (In fact I’m pretty sure the pink mug had the same feature) When I purchased the mug I noted the infuser basket but didn’t realize how awesome it really was.

I'm in tea love people.

I’m in tea love people.

I mean seriously how cool is this? When I bought it I thought the basket somehow snapped into the lid, but oh no it has it’s own mesh lid that screws into the bottom of the travel mug! Which is perfect if you don’t get al the leaves out of the basket after steeping your tea. I swear there’s nothing worse than a mouth full of tea leaves…

So I brought it to work with me on Thursday (once I was back from one of the worst colds ever isn’t pregnancy a gem?) to test it out. I will admit I didn’t use any of the teas I bought from DAVIDsTEA (sorry). But I did toss in a few black dragon pearls as I was feeling a little caffeine was needed to get my day started. Making the tea and taking everything apart once it was ready was a SNAP and it’s very easy to rinse/clean.

The tea mug in it's natural environment.

The tea mug in it’s natural environment.

As for the tea? Well, I made it at 8am and it was still pretty warm at 2pm! Which is HUGE for me as I’m one of those people who is very guilty of forgetting they made a cup of tea while at work. The tea wasn’t scalding, but it wasn’t ice cold either. In fact I’d have to say it was just right!

When I shared the photo at left on Instagram it got many a like right away and a comment from a lovely friend that it reminded him of Gondor. Which yeah, yeah it does. I must admit I love it when nerdy and tea come together.

Did you make any Black Friday tea purchases? Let me know what you picked up in the comments!


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