Happy Early Christmas

Christmas turned up a little early in our house last night. Mostly because by Christmas I will be 39 weeks and uh 4 days pregnant. Which means momma isn’t leaving the house…unless the baby’s coming! So my folks and the niece came over last night for eats and to exchange gifts. So what did we get and was it tea-lated?

Yes and no. First off the mister and I received awesome mugs that fit us perfectly…

This is my new mug and yes I do in fact have O.H.D. Cameo by the Mister in the back there.

This is my new mug and yes I do in fact have O.H.D. Cameo by the Mister in the back there.

And this one is perfect for my husband…who isn’t a tea or coffee drinker (weird right?), but I’m sure he’ll break it out for hot chocolate or the like now and again.

He's now a glider pilot...so this mug rocks! And if he doesn't use it...I will!

He’s now a glider pilot…so this mug rocks! And if he doesn’t use it…I will!

So by now you must be sensing a theme to our gifts and maybe have an idea as to what the “big” gift was from my parents and niece. Or you saw it in my poorly cropped photo of my mug. Either way we were gifted with a Keurig 2.0 brewer. I know what you must be thinking…BUT you drink tea! Yep and I still do. However, I do love a cup of coffee now and again. I’m told with a little one on the way, well coffee will be my new morning friend. That being said there may be some random coffee reviews coming to the blog, because why not?

Plus I never have coffee on hand to offer people when they come over. Sure I have this one shot coffee maker, but it isn’t all that great and frankly I think a little dangerous at times. It also took FOREVER to make one 12oz cup of coffee. While the Keurig is pretty fast and actually allows for time to socialize with guests rather than be tied to the little machine.

Pretty fancy right?

Pretty fancy right?

Not to worry I won’t be making tea in this new gadget. I still have my awesome One-Touch I use ONLY for tea time. But I now have a lovely “caffeination station” in my kitchen and well I think it’s pretty awesome! Someone even suggested decking it out for all the holidays. Which is something I may consider for the next one.

Let’s be real I in no way have the time or creativity at this point in my pregnancy to even artfully throw around some garland or a few ornaments. But I like the idea and think it could be fun especially when entertaining guests around the holidays! I’m looking forward to taking the 2.0 on her maiden voyage a little later this morning. Seeing as I’ve been up since 4:40am I think I’m going to need a little caffeine boost in order to sty awake!

Only four sample pods came with my new Keurig which is a bit of a let down as you used to get closer to 20. But thankfully Keurig still offers the buy two boxes, get two boxes free deal when you register your new product. So yes I cashed in on that quickly as we probably won’t be going to the market before Christmas and I suspect (if we’re here) we’ll have guests wanting coffee in the form of my husbands folks. Hopefully the coffee arrives before St. Nick or well there might be a trip out to the store in my future.

Did you get any holiday beverage related gifts for Hanukkah or ahead of Santa’s arrival? Let me know in the comments!