No Tea For Christmas

I was as shocked as you are. Though our cats, yes cats, did get me some silicone tea infusers in the shape of tea bags. They’re cute and we’ll see just how functional they are when I test them out and review them here. But that was it (ok I did get cleaning stuff for my kettle). Though no tea was purchased. Which is a shame as there are a few new teas from Upton Tea Imports I wanted to try out. Hopefully the mister didn’t scrap the catalogue!

As it is I haven’t been drinking much tea since I’ve been home (no, no baby yet, but my doc felt it best I stop working due to my not productive enough contractions). Though I have tried a few of the caffeine free collection from DAVIDsTea…but haven’t yet logged them. No idea why, ok I have a small idea why…the Keurig.

I will *gasp* admit to having an 8oz cup of coffee every morning. Mostly because I’ve been sleeping so poorly as I head towards week 40 in the pregnancy. I am not a fan of this lack of sleep…in fact I find it downright disturbing considering how little sleep I’ll get once he’s here! So I’ve been enjoying a cup of coffee every day this week.

Well, tonight I again tried out a hot chocolate pod in the Keurig hoping it wouldn’t be the watered down hot mess I recall from the last Keurig machine we owned. As it turns out the more things change, the more they stay the same. I salvaged it by adding in a piece of milk chocolate from Godiva, but you know I shouldn’t have to. Lesson learned…just make your own. Which is another reason I’ll never buy tea pods to make in the Keurig. It never comes out right AT ALL.

Soon enough I’ll be able to enjoy all the tea and the coffee again. Just as soon as the little mister decides he’d like to come on out and meet his mom and dad. Which for my comforts sake happens soon.

Did you get any tea or tea themed things for Christmas? Let me know in the comments.


8 thoughts on “No Tea For Christmas

  1. jenrjones76 says:

    I received a DAVIDsTEA travel infuser mug, a tin of Chocolate Macaroon tea, a bag of Glitter & Gold tea, and some tea samples – Snow Day, Buddha’s Blend, and one other I can’t remember right now.

  2. iteachkids81 says:

    I got the same silicone tea bag things you did, but I night them for myself. I find them cute, easy to clean, but slower to infuse then my metal infusers or the infuser baskets in my tea pots or cups…
    I bought 2 4packs with the intent of sharing with a few friends

    • Good to know. I’m going to try one out today I think and see how it goes/which tea works best in it. Typically herbals don’t work too well in any infuser like this…end up with more tea in the cup-yuck! I’ll probably take them to work with me when I go back as it’s hard to make a decent cup of tea there…

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