If you’re looking for good tea (@UptonTea)

It's a very good day when this arrives in the mail!

It’s a very good day when this arrives in the mail!

Might I suggest you take a look at Upton Tea Imports*? I really like them for a few reasons. The first being their VERY extensive Tea Quarterly full of tea, tea ware, and tea tales. Plus it’s HUGE…close to 55 pages! That’s a lot of tea! It typically takes me a few hours to really go over it to see what’s new and what I might like to try. I also love that almost all the teas available from Upton come in $1-3 sample sizes. You can sign up to receive the quarterly on their website.

While we’re on the subject of the quarterly there are also some handy dandy keys to tell you what’s new  and what’s certified organic. Always helpful especially if like me you want to try something different. Another thing I love is the free personalization on both bags and tins of tea. Now you don’t get a lot of room to play with, but you can have some fun with it. For a while all of my tea from Upton simply said “My tea, not yours”, hey I was amused.

The other great thing about Upton? They’re located not far from me over in Massachusetts. Which means quick shipping! I love ordering tea on a Monday and typically getting it in two days…especially if it’s something I really want to try. Speaking of the two at the top of my want list right now are: Harmutty Estate GFBOP (an Assam tea from India) and Yunnan Black Snail (from China). The Assam I want to try due to the promise of a malty flavor – which is a favorite of mine seeing as having real beer is no longer something I can do. Gluten sensitivity is a real bitch friends.

As for the Yunnan Black Snail I’m interested to see how it compares to a tea I picked up from another company a few months back called Golden Snails…as it sounds very similar and I’d really like to do a side by side taste test of the two. So it looks like I know how I’ll be spending some of my Christmas cash this week. Buying tea is such “tough” work…let me tell you.

So give Upton a look and let me know what you think if you try them out. As an aside I do plan to feature other tea companies I like and think you might too…look for those coming soon!

*I was in no way paid to suggest this company at all…they just happen to be a favorite.