Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee for @Keurig 2.0 {Review}

As you know I received a Keurig for Christmas from my folks. (Momma’s going to need her caffeine very soon) Well, said machine only came with four samples of coffee/tea/hot cocoa. But registering the Keurig gave me an offer of by two boxes, get two free. You bet I jumped on that! My coffees finally arrived yesterday and thankfully I was home to receive them as my postal carrier seems to have a problem with taking the extra step to open the porch door and put boxed on the covered porch!

Ahem…as I was saying…I ordered a few boxes of coffee: Folgers Classic Roast (a personal favorite of my dad), Green Mountain Hazelnut, Van Houtte Raspberry Chocolate Truffle, and a Green Mountain Variety pack (Breakfast Blend, Dark Magic Extra Bold, French Roast, and Vermont Country Blend). Basically I got a little something for everyone. Though looking back now I should probably have made one box decaf…but that’s what a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond is for. Seriously take in a 20% off coupon and treat yourself!

This morning I tried out the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle because why wouldn’t I? Plus the cafeteria at work often has a coffee similar to thisĀ one as a special blend and I figure I can save myself some green (when I go back) if this is better…spoiler alert, it is. The first surprise to me is how much I do like coffee after not having any for several months as I was only drinking tea. I’m still drinking tea of course, but it hasn’t really helped wake me up these last few weeks hence the ask for the Keurig and a return to coffee drinking in the morning.



So onto the coffee. This really does have a lovely raspberry and chocolate flavor that isn’t too fruity or sweet, but honestly just right. There’s a great balance to the flavors that I found wasn’t changed when half and half and some sugar were added to the mix. Which is always a nice surprise as it has happened to me before with coffee and teas. Plus the coffee just smells amazing as it brews…hubs thought I was baking! But the big bonus for me is that there isn’t a bitter aftertaste that I’ve sometimes had after drinking a flavored coffee. Seriously some flavored coffees have typically had me running for water or a cup of tea to wash my mouth out after I finished my cup. Happily this is not one of them. So if you like something a little sweeter to start your day give this one a go and let me know what you think.

Oh and not to worry…I have two new teas arriving in the mail later this week…stay tuned for reviews!