Did you miss me? (Take 394)

I must first apologize for being such a horrible blogger. Who knew having a baby would be so time consuming? KIDDING, I knew it would be. But I thought for sure I could post at least twice a week once he was here…apparently not. That being said I’m looking at being better now that he’s gotten a bit older and can amuse himself in short bursts.

So here’s what’s coming up…

-Review of Death Wish Coffee (yeah it’s a tea blog, but sometimes coffee is needed and spoiler alert this is some damn fine coffee).

-Review of Korean buckwheat/soba “tea” (had some at a local Korean eatery and fell in love)

-Taking tea with _____ returns! For those that don’t know this was where yours truly flexed her writing chops to “take tea” with fictional folks from books and tv. I’m getting back to it…look out!

-Tea reviews as I get samples in. I should be expecting some in the Fall for sure. But I may also review teas I purchase too because why not!

If there are other things you’d like to get my take on let me know in the comments!