Pumpkin Matcha/Matcha Maker {@davidstea}

Super easy to use and perfect matcha every time!

Super easy to use and perfect matcha every time!

*These items were purchased by me and not provided for by DAVIDsTEA*

I’m behind in my reviews because it has been hotter than Mordor here for the last two weeks. But finally “cooler” weather is here (yeah I consider 85 cooler) so I’ve gotten back to tea. This time it was trying out my new matcha maker and pumpkin matcha from DAVIDsTEA.

So first about the matcha maker. It’s so easy and fast, which when you have a crawling 7.5 month old is exactly what you need before he’s into the cat food or trying to get down the cat door to the cellar! Needless to say he now lives in a “gated community” in our living room! Anyway, what you do is simply add your matcha to the tumbler, fill with hot water to the fill line (heated to 165), attach the matcha maker and lid and SHAKE. The only real thing you have to remember is to release the pressure button at the top after shaking. A step you really shouldn’t forget.

Seriously it’s that easy the little ball in the lid does all the work while you shake your little heart out. I have never had a good matcha until now. Which is why I had totally given up on matcha’s until I saw said maker was on sale. When I picked up the maker I also grabbed some matcha which included their new pumpkin matcha. I wasn’t sure how it would taste I’d had some not so great flavored matcha’s in the past.

But oh my gosh this was delicious! Like no more Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s for me delicious. Mostly because it reminded me of the PSL’s at Starbucks minus the atomic orange color and who knows what else? Don’t get me wrong I’ll still have one because it’s a right of fall passage, in August. But I can save myself some green after and make up one of these anytime I want at home. I’ll call that a delicious win! If you want to try either of these for yourself head on over to their website and check it out.

More tea reviews coming later this week!