Summer Breeze (Organic) {@NelsonsTea review}

At first when I grabbed this tea I thought for sure it was an oolong, based on the suggested water temp (195 degrees), as that’s what my one touch says is the temp for oolongs. It was only after I looked it up online that I noted that this was a green tea. Which is probably why I didn’t like it. I am not a green tea fan and it was my fault for not telling Nelson’s this prior to sending me the tea. As this one was an “extra” for me to try.

My favorite bee mug for tea time!

My favorite bee mug for tea time!

So I scrapped the first cup and reset the one touch to brew green tea (160-170). The dry leaves did smell pretty awesome: ginger, orange, and peach…oh my! The flavor did come through when I tasted the tea, but the green tea taste was also there and I don’t know what we don’t get along, but we don’t. Which is why I don’t even try anyone. It’s sad because I KNOW I’m missing out on tasty teas because of it. But there we are.

I will say that the orange and ginger totally helped with the stuffiness I was starting to feel in my nose (the little is sick as well as the hubs). But that’s sadly all I got out of it. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot especially if you happen to like green tea.