Really Root Beer & Glass Slipper Rooibos {@NelsonsTea Review}



It’s only taken me two months to finish up these reviews. My apologies, but boy is it easier to pop a K-Cup in the machine than to make a proper cuppa with a little in the house. So when hubs got home tonight I told him it was tea time and headed off to taste these last two from Nelson’s.

First up is their Really Root Beer. First impression on opening the packet? I half expected to hear a can opening because the smell of root beer had me expecting A & W and not tea. It really smells like root beer! Good news is it doesn’t just smell like root beer. That’s right it actually tastes like root beer too!! Then again with these ingredients how can it not: sassafras bark, sarsaparilla root, birch bark, burdock root, dandelion root, licorice root, fennel seed, anise star pods, ginger root, cinnamon and flavoring. The good thing is that the licorice root and anise star pods don’t take over this herbal. As neither is my favorite. But they plays so nice in this herbal I kind of forgot they were there. I only wish I had some club soda or plain seltzer to make my own iced “root beer”, but we don’t. Hands down this has been my favorite of the samples from Nelson’s.

Next up is Glass Slipper Rooibos. This one had a lot of promise when I opened the package. The vanilla and almond flavors were so strong. However, once steeped they all but vanished. They were there on the finish, but I tasted more of the cherry flavor, which I admit is not my favorite. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t try it out for yourself. Sometimes a tea just isn’t for me and this was one such tea.

My thanks again to the folks at Nelson’s for sending all of these teas my way to try. If you want to try any of them they are available on their website or at