Korean Mt. Jiri Joongjak Red Tea {Review}

Bring me the water!

This is the third tea from Teas Unique. I’ve a matcha and some matcha infused white chocolate left to try! I opted to bust out my new favorite gaiwan that I got earlier this week and small tasting cup. I have a new love for this method of tea brewing. It’s fun and for me a better way to make tea.

I set the kettle for the suggested 195 degrees and went about setting up my tools and taking a sniff of the tea. I have to say this one was unique for sure. The dry leaf smelled I guess earthy? Now the directions say to steep it for two minutes…well I learned that lesson the hard way. So this time around I did a 20 second rinse and then a 20 second steep on the tea.

Once I’d poured my first steep the tea took on an oaky and baked scent. Which reminded me of days spent at my grandparents house. The smell reminded me a lot of the smells from their home: pipe tobacco and freshly polished furniture. Which sounds gross, but it didn’t taste like it. The taste had a bite to it, but I couldn’t distinguish the actual flavor of the tea. This was a little disappointing to me. Because I had high hopes for it. But you may think differently of this one. Don’t let this review stop you from trying it yourself.

Pretty color.