About IllBeMother221b

Ah the dreaded “about me” section.  I will do my best not to bore you to tears with this.  A few years back I had a moderately successful blog called The Purrfect Cup and I enjoyed writing it.  But for whatever reason I lost interest and shut it down completely…as in there is little to no trace of it today save for the twitter account that I actually can’t get into…

Now I started drinking tea when my grandmother would visit us each Summer from Florida.  Every morning there would be tea (Lipton in a bag) and peanut butter and jelly on toast.  At the time there was more milk and sugar in my mug, but I thought it was great fun.  It wasn’t until I was out in the real world that someone introduced me to loose leaf tea and then I was hooked.  As you can see from the current state of my tea cabinet…

As you can see I have quite the collection.

As you can see I have quite the collection.

I am also married to a very supportive non-tea drinker and together we have three crazy cats who allow us to live with them.  When I’m not drinking tea I’m running wild on Twitter/Facebook/tumblr.  I am also working on my first book, a work of science fiction/fantasy (that includes tea), taking photos, or catching up on my Netflix list.


So…why IllBeMother221b?  It is a little weird right?  Well, in case you don’t know me from Twitter or tumblr I am very into Sherlock Holmes. Both the Canon Sherlock and of course the new BBC incarnation.  My favorite character on the BBC show is Mycroft Holmes.  Well, during the first episode of Series 2 in A Scandal in Belgravia Mycroft says as he picks up a tea pot “I’ll be mother.”  The rest as they say is history!

Do you accept samples to review?  Yes, yes I do.  Please note I will give you an honest review on the tea I sample.  If you request it of me I will provide the review to you prior to publishing it…just ask!  Please contact me via Twitter (@IllBeMother221b) or send a message via my Facebook page here.

How much tea should I/we provide?  I like to try between 1-3 types of tea when I do a company review.  At least 2 cups worth of tea is usually enough to get a good taste of your tea.

How long does it take you to post a review?  Anywhere from 5-8 days after receiving the tea to allow for tasting/review.

Are there any teas you will not review?  Nothing with coconut, sadly I am allergic!

More to be added as questions come up.  Check back often!


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