Korean Jeju Island Second Flush Matcha and White Chocolate {Review}

Simple no need for flashy.

Corrected the last post to indicate that was the third tea from Teas Unique. This is the fourth with an added bonus of white chocolate infused with Matcha. First thing was first I needed a proper matcha bowl and whisk! I had given my set away at least a year ago thinking matcha wasn’t for me. But I find I do in fact like it. So it was time to get some supplies again.

So for Mother’s day my hubs took me to a favorite tea place who usually have reasonably priced tea wares. I was not disappointed. They did not disappoint (though the sales clerk did…another story for another time). I picked up the bowl and whisk for under $20 for both – score. I couldn’t wait to get home and give them a try!


Though trying them out would have to wait for nap time. Which came not long after we arrived home. I can’t say there’s a smell to accompany the match because well sniffing it can result in matcha up the nose. So the sniffing would have to take place after the water was added/whisked. I have to say I liked this one. It was a little bitter and probably should have added some frothed almond milk for a latte but next time.

Though I paired it with the white chocolate matcha that was sent with the tea samples. Which really brought out the flavor of the matcha. Which is saying something as white chocolate is so not my jam. But wow SO good. I’m tempted to try baking it in some muffins later as I think it would be pretty rocking. But of the four samples sent I think the matcha was my favorite. I want to say thank you to Teas Unique for the samples. It was the perfect way to get me back into blogging!