Korean Jeju Island Second Flush {Review}

Teas and chocolate!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Teas Unique to see if I wanted to try out some Korean teas. At first I wasn’t going to. I honestly thought I was out of the tea game for good. Little ones take up a lot of time! But then I thought it would be cool to try as the only Korean tea I’d ever had was buckwheat tea I’d had at a local Korean eatery. Long story short I received the teas last week and finally had time today to try one.

First up is a Korean Jeju Island Second Flush Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Black Tea with Mandarin Orange…bit of a mouthful…

So I tried it out this morning instead of my usual cup of coffee delivered quickly from the Keurig. Sp while the little was busy stuffing his face with cereal I cracked into the sample. I went with the suggested temperature (195 degrees) and got about my business. I did think a head to snap some pictures of the leaves before I tossed them into my cup. These were some huge leaves let me tell you. Plus little bits of the mandarin orange.

Nice right?

Like I said the leaves were long and huge! The dry leaf smelled pretty earthy, more like what I would expect from a puer. It smelled really earthy with a hint of orange. Once the water was ready I poured the water and waited the suggested 2 minute steep time.

As the tea was steeping I smelled more of a malty smell to it. But it was also still earthy. But there was very little smell of the orange that I noted in the dry leaves. Bit of a bummer there. But two minutes later and a few cheerios picked up off the floor and my tea was ready for the tasting. I took my first tentative sip, careful not to burn my mouth. The taste of the tea was smooth, but not bitter. Bonus there was the mandarin orange flavor on the finish! There was also a little bit of a bite on the end too.

Over all it was a good cup of tea. One I would add to my cabinet? No, I have a similar puer that I’ve got that has more of the orange flavor I was looking for. But it’s a nice cup of tea. You can find it on their website or on Amazon.


Look out Capital Region there’s a new tea shop in town!

Yesterday, the best friend and I opted to take a drive up to Saratoga for the afternoon. We happily had lunch at a favorite salad spot and then wandered Broadway to poke around the shops. Of course as the warmer weather comes to our area the people watching was also rather good!

As we neared the end of shops on Broadway heading towards Congress Park (same side of the street too) I was surprised to see this!

A tea (and sort of bee) shop!

A tea (and sort of bee) shop!

We looked at one another and she said “You know we’re going in!” So we did. The shop is only a month old and quite a number of patrons visiting on a late Sunday afternoon. They carry all loose leaf teas and some tea ware too. Plus you are welcome to enjoy a cup/pot of tea at their tea bar. Of course you can also buy loose leaf tea to take home.

Wait there’s more! In the back is a honey tasting room. That’s right honey from all over the US in many different flavors. I also noted on their Facebook Page it looks like they have their own apiary and may offer a local honey as a result! How great is that?

I didn’t get many pictures or talk too much with staff as they were busy and it was near closing time. But I look forward to stopping in for a longer conversation to bring you a larger post about what the shop has to offer!

Last but not least I did pick up a 2oz bag of their Cocoa Shou Pu-erh. This tea is a Shou pu-erh, cocoa nibs, and vanilla, in a word yum! I made a cup today and I can already tell you I will need to go back for more!

Steeped up cocoa shou

Steeped up cocoa shou