Hello old friend…

And it’s all mine!

So as some of you might know I used to be VERY into tea. I sold it for a time and I even went to the eastern World Tea Expo a time or two. That’s how into tea I was. But then life happened, and work, and now a baby toddler. However, recently I realized I needed to get back to the things I loved. That I was more than just a mom. Here I am kicking the blog back off. Getting samples to try and buying my own teas to try and review too.

That’s what this tea it. It’s one I had close to five years ago, when times were simpler, and less of my attention was demanded in eight different directions at once. I first picked up the Ancient Phoenix Fermented puerh when I first attended the World Tea Expo East in 2011. It’s also where I met many tea friends I still have today. I think I stopped at the Wild Tea Qi booth on the last day of the event and they were serving up this one. Well, I fell in love and instantly bought a package.

Ready and waiting!

I tried not to drink ALL of it too quickly, but it was good. I also recall sending some off to various tea friends who could not attend the expo so needless to say the tea went quickly. Flash forward to now. Now that I was jumping back into blogging and drinking ALL the tea I was immediately on the hunt for this tea again. Yes, it was that good! I found it easy enough on their website and ordered it. I expected it to turn up in at least two weeks, maybe more. Color me surprise when it turned up in under a week! (It was coming from overseas)

The minute I heard the tell tale sound of the USPS scanner I jumped the baby gate and scared the hell out of the mailman. But I didn’t get to try the tea until now (aka nap time). I used one brick as instructed. Which was really hard to break off. Looks like I need a pure knife, oh darn. Anyway, I warmed up my pot and then popped the brick inside. It took a few steeps of the hot water to break up the brick and actually make the tea. Which I was expecting. Boy was it worth the wait!

So dark and so delicious!

My first cup was earthy and simply awesome. It was better than I remembered it. With each infusion the liquid got darker and the taste smoother. To the point where I imagine this is what silk would taste like if you could drink it. I also picked up hints of chocolate in this tea, which was interesting and not unwelcome. I saved the leaves to try them again tomorrow morning (it was suggested in a tea vlog I watched to try this out so we’ll see).

It’s interesting to me that puerh teas have become a favorite of mine. I mean they aren’t for everyone. I have tea friends who have tried it and tell me it tastes like dirt and how can I drink dirt. Well, yeah it does have a really earthy taste to it. But I wouldn’t call it dirt. To me they typically taste very rich and super smooth. I think it might be because I also enjoy coffee. Though the tide is turning there. I haven’t had a cup of coffee in over a week now!

Tea is just better! That’s not to say I won’t have coffee every again. I will, but now that I’m making time for tea again, the coffee is going to be taking a back seat. Especially now that I have this puerh again. Which I consider the perfect substitute for coffee.


A little sip down memory lane {Throwback Thursday}

When I was just a wee one I had two tea sets. When I saw I was a wee one I mean it….

Me and my Nonnie....Christmas 1982?

Me and my Nonnie….Christmas 1982?

I was cute. I was also four-ish at the time. But it was around this time that I recall getting my tea sets. I’m pretty sure I only ever had water in them. I mean they were tiny and really hard to clean. Something I’m pretty sure my mom did not want to tackle. But I do recall one set was for “every day” use in my little kitchen set-up in the playroom. While the other was for “special” events. I’m guessing this meant I broke them out on holidays to have “tea” with family.

I thought these two sets were lost forever in the many moves I and my parents had done over the years. So imagine my surprise when my mother brought them over when we moved into our house a few years ago. I was so happy to see them. How happy? Well, I gushed for a half an hour and then promptly put them on a basement shelf next to the china set I requested when I got married. Real nice right?

But hear me out? I don’t have wee ones yet. Sadly the niece is not interested in tea at all. Yeah it pains me too, but I’m working on her. So I didn’t see a reason WHY they couldn’t live in the basement. The good news is we’ll be getting my grandparents dining room set later this Spring so perhaps I’ll take them out and display them there?

Here they are in all their dusty glory…

The "fancy" set.

The “fancy” set.

The "every day" set.

The “every day” set.

Mind you there have been times I’ve considered breaking them out. Much like when you really feel the need to color in a coloring book. Ah simple times.

Did you have a play set for tea when you were small? Let me know in the comments!