Lazy Saturday Morning Tea

[image from above of a small tea table. Clockwise from the top left of the table is a clear fairness pitcher, brown pot, white trivet with oolong tea on it, a white cup, and little frog tea pet.]

I’ve had my gongfu set for years…and I do mean years. But I just never used it. Probably because I didn’t know how, even though I’d been taught at a WTE East event. I was still terrified to do it wrong. Until a week or two ago. One of my tea pals said JUST DO IT. So I’ve slowly been using it. Mostly on the weekends when I have a little more help from the hubs being home.

It’s a lot of fun to use and also messy. Well, not totally true…I’m the messy one. But I understand I’ll get better with practice. I just ya know, need to practice. But with a toddler running around I do not have the luxury of time to sit quietly with my tea and tea ware. But when I do I make the most out of it. Like this morning.

I chose to sip on some Jin xuan (milk oolong) from Unytea. ┬áThis is one of my favorite types of oolong. It’s so buttery and creamy and practically melts in your mouth. Yeah, you should go order some…I’ll wait.

[image of a frog tea pet that has had tea poured on him. The table under him is also wet from tea.]

Assuming that you’ve now ordered some delicious tea…we’ll continue. This was also the christening of my new tea pet, Neville. It’s funny because he’s a frog or toad and well, just go read or watch Harry Potter and you’ll get it. Anyway he’s super tiny. So giving him some of the good stuff made a hot mess of tea all over my tea tray/table.

But he’s super cute and I’m glad I’ve finally added a tea pet to my table. I kept giving him a little throughout the session so it’ll be neat to watch what happens as he gets more and more tea. The idea is he (or she) also brings good luck to their owner…so we’ll see. Either way he’s adorable and I’m glad to have him.

Back to the tea. I managed to get close to 6 steeps out of the leaves. I was sad to finish it and begin the clean up process. It’s not as bad as washing baby bottles, but it takes a little time for sure. As most of the items are delicate and could break if you aren’t gently with them. But the best part of the session (aside from the tea) was the 16 month old coming over and asking for tea. Way to make momma melt buddy. To see more pictures and some video from this mornings session check out my instagram account – @illbemother221b