Take your tea with you! #drinkmilitia

As you can see I have quite the collection.

As you can see I have quite the collection.

If you are anything like me you like your tea. You also may have quite the tea and tea ware collection to boot. But I was thinking what if you’ve just gotten into drinking tea (and not the kind that comes in a bag)? Sure you can make yourself a cup at home to enjoy. Maybe you want to take it with you while you run errands or when you head off to the office.

What do you do then? Never fear, I have some suggestions that won’t require Macgyvering your loose leaf tea, a coffee filer and paperclip or somehow plugging in your electric kettle to your cars charger (unless you prefer to make your tea that way – who am I to judge?).

I’ve found the easiest way to make tea at home to take with you is to buy an insulated tumbler. You can get them ANYWHERE! I myself have one too many. So many that I’ve been banned from buying anymore for myself by the mister! Thankfully I’ve been gifted with several since the ban was put in place.

I love the funky pattern on this one.

(1) I love the funky pattern on this one. (Starbucks)

Hello honeycomb design for obvious Sherlockian reasons. (Starbucks)

(2) Hello honeycomb design for obvious Sherlockian reasons. (Starbucks)


With removable tea basket - steep your tea anywhere; and the double-walled, tumbler will keep your favorite blend hot or cold for up to six hours.!

(3) With removable tea basket – steep your tea anywhere; and the double-walled, tumbler will keep your favorite blend hot or cold for up to six hours! (Teavana)

I love each of these for various reasons. The first mug from Starbucks I use when I’ve just poured a cup of tea and for whatever reason we have to head out to run an errand. It keeps my tea hot for an hour or two. But it’s not great for being gone all day.

The tumbler in photo number two I will use when I’m headed off to work in the morning because again it will keep it hot long enough to get to work and forget I have the tea for an hour or two. But not much longer. To be honest I typically pour the tea I bring in it into a mug and add any milk/sugar to it that way.

Finally, my favorite and most expensive of the three is the purple contour tumbler from Teavana. Yeah it cost a pretty penny, close to $34, BUT it does in fact keep tea hot or cold (depending on how you brewed it) for 6 hours! I’ve taken this bad boy on long train rides (6-7 hours), car trips, you name it and my tea has always been super hot no matter if I was ten minutes or four hours into the trip. As I mentioned in the caption it does come with it’s own brew basket so it would be perfect to use to make tea at the office.

About the office. This is one of the worst places to try and make tea. Why? Well, how many offices do you know with an electric kettle? I don’t know any either. In fact all we have is a hot water dispenser. Which is great if all you want to make is black tea and herbals. Sorry but no, I like a little variety to my tea taking. Here again is where I LOVE the tumbler from Teavana because I can bring the right temperature water with me to work and it will stay that temp all day.

But let’s say you do like the black and herbals. How can you brew them at work? Never fear…I have you covered!

If you have a mug and I’m sure you do the simple idea is to pick up a little infuser like this Tuffy Steeper.

Handy and compact.

Handy and compact.

I’ve had this one for a while now and it’s great! Nice and compact (it folds in on itself for easy storage). Plus the “lid” doubles as a place to stand the steeper after the tea is ready to drink. It tends to live at work unless we head off on vacation.

Another favorite item is from FORLIFE. I picked up the Curve Asian Style Tea Cup a few years back when I won an amazon gift card from a tea magazine company! This one is great because it again comes with a brew basket which makes it super easy to make your tea and remove the basket (which again the lit doubles as a spot to hold it all).

Pretty slick and there's a brew basket included!

Pretty slick and there’s a brew basket included!

The only issue I’ve had with both of these is cleaning out the leaves from the baskets. Sometimes the leaves get into the holes and it is almost impossible to remove them. Otherwise I would highly suggest both as options for your at work tea making/drinking needs.

I don’t have any other suggestions right now. But when I do I’ll be sure to post them here. Do you have any products you use? Let me know in the comments.


*All items have been purchased by me. I was not offered any kind of compensation for speaking about these items.*